The Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement, or UIIA, is a standard industry contract between Intermodal truckers/drayage companies (Motor Carriers) and Equipment Providers (ocean and rail carriers, equipment leasing companies. The UIIA was developed as a means of achieving a degree of uniformity in the interchange process.

The UIIA covers liability and other issues related to the interchange of Intermodal equipment (i.e. containers, chassis, etc.) between the two parties. It drastically reduces the paperwork burden for all parties involved by eliminating the need to sign individual interchange contracts with each Equipment Provider that participates in this agreement. It also reduces the number of insurance filings for the motor carrier to provide proof of insurance. Only one certificate must be issued to the UIIA and this information is then disseminated to the individual Equipment Providers by our office.

The UIIA currently has over 7,400 motor carriers, 45 ocean carriers, seven (7) railroads and two (2) equipment leasing companies that participate in the program.

The Uniform Intermodal Interchange & Facilities Access Agreement is a standard interchange contract developed to promote intermodal productivity and operating efficiencies through the development of uniform industry processes and procedures governing the interchange of intermodal equipment between ocean carriers, railroads, equipment leasing companies and intermodal trucking companies.